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Experiencing Art is the research blog of Christopher Morse, PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg. My work explores interaction design for digital cultural heritage, with particular focus on the integration of emerging technologies into the experience of art.

Pilot Testing the Museum of the Future

I asked the members of the HCI research team to view a collection of images featuring museums and museum exhibitions from 100 years ago. It offered a glance into the history of our cultural institutions—everything from dinosaurs to abstract art—and how much (or little) things have changed. Thereafter, I asked people to draw their version of the museum of the future.

Paper to Presence: Prototyping VR Interfaces

With the power to amplify brainwaves, Cerebro connected its users to the entire planet and all of its sentient beings. To what extent can we mimic this functionality for use in connecting more deeply with our culture?

Automata and Other Interlocutors

C²DH Thinkering Blog: The notion of the automaton extends at least as far back as antiquity, but successful implementation of simulated intelligence, and even life itself, continues to elude us.

New Frontiers of Technology and the Study of Religion

I recently co-chaired the panel New Frontiers of Technology and the Study of Religion: The Emerging and Transformative Role of Libraries, Universities, and Cultural Heritage Institutions at the inaugural European Academy of Religion (EuARe) conference in Bologna, Italy.

Artful Data: Visualizing Social Movements

Shortly after the November 2015 attacks in Paris I created #JeSuisParis, an eponymously named data interactive that aggregates over 60,000 tweets from the numerous individuals and communities that coalesced during the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. The visualization is an experimental interface, one that envisions new methods of exploring, describing, and making sense of social movements on the web.