art experience design

Experiencing Art is the research blog of Christopher Morse, Doctoral Researcher at the University of Luxembourg.

My work investigates the integration of user experience (UX) methods into the design of user interfaces for arts and culture.

The user research phase of the project began with two user studies, one on the emotional experience of memorable museum visits, and the other on the UX of digital cultural heritage collections that utilize an emerging theory of user interface design called rich-prospect.

During the ideation phase, the researcher will host design workshops and other participatory events aimed at connecting the general public more closely to the technology being designed. These co-creation activities will inform the generation phase, during which the researcher will develop interactive prototypes designed to trigger meaningful experiences with online collections, such as the feeling of joy or wonderment. The evaluation phase will consist of a final round of user testing to assess the ability of the digital prototypes to create optimal browsing experiences.