I recently co-chaired the panel New Frontiers of Technology and the Study of Religion: The Emerging and Transformative Role of Libraries, Universities, and Cultural Heritage Institutions at the inaugural European Academy of Religion (EuARe) conference in Bologna, Italy. My co-chair Amy Phillips (Georgetown University) and I conceived of this panel as a way to create bridges between the study of religion and the innovative projects happening in Europe and beyond. Presentations included the following (see the conference program for more information):

  • Codex Eyckensis: an Significant Evangelarium from the Eight Century.
  • Designing for Rich-Prospect Browsing
  • Historicizing the Library: Rethinking Library Pedagogy and Practice
  • The Open Access Database: The Study of Religion in Social and Cultural Context of Russia in the 19th to First Half the of the 20th century and the Representation of Archival Materials on the History of Religions Studies in Russia
  • Teaching Religion and Cultural Heritage: A Best Practice from Bulgaria
  • The Representation of Religious Artifacts from the Collections of the State Museum of The History of Religion in the Open Access Data Base Projects on the History of Religious Studies in Russia
  • Nostra Aetate – The Leaven of Good: An Interview Series